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Social media can either intimidate people who have never managed a company account or excite them with countless opportunities. Over the past months, I’ve been working hard to grow both my personal and company brands on social media. It’s been a learning curve. You might think it is easy with so many tools out there to manage, track and grow your social media presence but it is NOT. But I have found some things that have maximized my social media presence.

Being Unique

It's all about picking one thing and doing it really well - picking one platform and be really good at it. Some companies dive in on all social media platform, not analyzing where their audience are. Social Media managers should establish a strong presence on just the one best platform for them, then expand it the next most promising platform with fun, well - executed content tailor - made for that platform. It’s much more effective to put your personality and time into making a name for yourself on one platform than to be unremarkable on all the platforms.

Making friends with Influencers

Introduce yourself to new market by engaging with influencers. These people called influencers have loyal and passionate connections. By engaging with the people at the top of the industries, you find credibility among their crowd.

Asking Questions

As always, be a human; get the face of your company, like the founder, to field questions. Use the immediacy of Social Media to let your customers and potential customers find out more about you. Hold an Ask me Anything on Twitter. And please use #Ask___ hashtag.

Creating a Specialized Social Media Handles

Dedicated Twitter accounts where people can direct their questions and complaints is a practical way to take the best care of your customers. Have a separate Twitter feed for customer care, complaints and questions. Tell customers that a human is manning the account by simply tweeting, “Mimi is now taking over the customer care account” at the beginning of a shift. End your replies with your initials.

Using the right tool for perfect timing

Social Media is all about engagement. Engagement happens when the right content is posted and at the right time to meet your fans. Use tools like Meltwater’s Like Alyzer to analyze your Facebook pages, to check the right timing for your posts.


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